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All the music/lyrics/topline & songs/ideas by rosemary Rebecca swan available on any site and (hereafter known as the "website") is copyright brillpublishing!! any songs/music and samples are provided for auditioning purposes, and may not be copied, recorded, saved, manipulated or used in any other way without the consent of brillpublishing!! or RRSWAN, the copyright owner except as follows:

MP3 samples provided for download may be copied and used for the sole purpose of auditioning for suitability. The use of any samples in a completed work of any kind (in full or part, whether for profit, non-profit, public or private performance) without the prior consent of the copyright owner RRSWAN is expressly forbidden.

All selections and arrangement are copyright Syntellisys and brillpublishing!!, with the exception of the RealAudio™ audio format and logo.

No portion may be copied or used without permission. Use of material by rosemary Rebecca swan, is prohibited unless expressly permitted by Syntellisys or RRSWAN, the copyright owner or brillpublishing!!


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